Full, Hood and Roof Wrap


Vinyl hood and roof wraps are taking the place of expensive carbon fiber parts and the labor to install them. Been drooling over that hot but expensive carbon fiber hood for your ride? Do you like the looks of a carbon fiber roof but can’t imagine the cost of having your stock roof replaced? No worries! Stunzeed can set you up with vinyl roof wraps and vinyl hood wraps that give you the same look without having to take on a second or third job to pay for it.

We have vinyl wrap that looks like carbon fiber. We also have flat black wrap, and lots of other colors you can choose from.


The most important thing is, though, we do a really great job at applying the wrap so there won’t be edges peeling up or areas of your hood showing through. No one will be able to glance at your vehicle at realize it isn’t really a carbon fiber part. It’ll also make your vehicle stand out when you’ve got the hood and roof matching with carbon fiber or matte black vinyl. If you have a car you can even get the trunk wrapped in vinyl to continue the flow of the look.

We wrap the hood, roof and trunk on a lot of muscle cars, no matter what color they are. You can take a white or bright colored car and have these parts wrapped in carbon fiber for a sporty look or a matte vinyl for more of a custom hotrod look. If you’ve got a black or dark colored car, carbon fiber or even matte vinyl in black or a dark color still stands out because the finish is different than on the other areas of original paint.

If your vehicle has a sunroof, we can wrap it to look just as good as any other wrapped roof, but it may cost a little extra for the labor of getting that sunroof looking just right. Same goes with any intricate, complicated area like curvy bumpers or grills.

Here at Stunzeed Auto Stylez we take our time and do vinyl wrap the right way so you won’t come back with peeling or messed up vinyl. Visit our St Petersburg store today and get the sporty car look by wrapping your hood and roof in vinyl.