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Paint Protection Film

Our ultimate paint protection film package.

Full Vehicle PPF

Protect every inch of your vehicle's paint.

Our most popular paint protection film package.

Full Front PPF

Focus on the most vulnerable area of your vehicle, the front end.

Our race-ready paint protection film package.

Track & Race PPF

Unlock the enjoyment of your vehicle on the track with complete peace of mind.

Our complete personalization and protection PPF package.

Color Change PPF

The ultimate solution to safeguarding your vehicle's paint while adding a touch of style.

Paint Protection Film

Protection against scratches, rock chips, bird droppings, & more.

Our paint protection film (PPF) packages are the ultimate way to protect and preserve the value of your vehicle. This protective film is self-healing and resists scratches, rock chips, and other elements of nature. Our films come in varying styles like clear, satin, matte, or new fashion PPF that completely changes the look of your vehicle while providing all the benefits of paint protection film.


PPF comes in various thicknesses to prevent damage to your factory paint.


Self-healing properties keep your vehicle looking it's best and staying protected from dreaded surface scratches and swirls!


Prevents against yellowing and oxidation from UV exposure on both PPF and your vehicles paint.


Once applied provides an unbeatable glossy, wet look that keeps you looking your best for years to come.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Our Process

We're meticulous.

Step One

At Stunzeed Auto Stylez, we begin the consultation process one-on-one to understand your goals and preferences. Whether you plan on keeping your vehicle for a lifetime or a few months, we have a paint protection film package to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

Step Two

After your appointment is created, it’s time for the magic to happen. Our experienced and certified technicians will perform your chosen services on your vehicle, paying close attention to detail to eliminate any imperfections. The result? A stunning transformation that turns heads wherever you go.

Step Three

If your service requires a multiple-day process, our expert sales team will keep you updated every step of the way. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe in our hands and under the roof of our climate controlled and full surveillance facility.

Grand Finale

At Stunzeed Auto Stylez, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. Before handing over the keys, we perform a final inspection to ensure that every aspect of our paint protection film meets our rigorous standards and your own.

Our Services

More into what we have to offer.

360 degrees of protection.

Full Vehicle PPF

The ultimate choice to protect every inch of your vehicle's paint. This package offers the benefits of complete coverage for all exterior surfaces, total protection against road hazards, enhanced aesthetics through a superior finish, and helps you retain maximum resale value.

A must-have for any vehicle.

Full Front PPF

Protect the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle. This package shields the most high-impact zones of your vehicle from rock chips and debris, offers seamless protection without visible seams, and enhances the look of your front end while providing peace of mind.

Full color change paint protection film wrap in STEK dyno Miami blue.

Personalization and protection makeover.

Color Change PPF

Imagine a shield that not only guards your car's exterior from the hazards of everyday life – scratches, road debris, and bugs – but also enhances its visual appeal. Our fashion PPF film lineup does just that. Truly the future of vinyl wraps.

Ceramic coating gold package on a Buick Grand National.

Best of both worlds.

Combo Packages

Our combo packages combine a coating and paint protection film. Together, these products will protect against rock chips, bird droppings, and other debris while significantly reducing the time it takes to clean your vehicle and provide unbeatable shine. 

We Use the Best Paint Protection Films


XPEL UltimatePLUS Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a glossy, clear protective film. Firstly, it provides invisible protection from salt, road debris, rocks, and insects. Secondly, It is self-healing, and resistant to cracking, and scratches. Finally, a ten-year XPEL manufacturer warranty is included.

STEK Fashion Film

STEK Automotive Films has released a new, revolutionizing product not only in the PPF / Clear Bra industry but also in the vinyl wrap industry. STEK’s Fashion Film line provides color-changing, textured, and patterned paint protection films. These films include STEK DYNOblack, DYNOcarbon, DYNOdamascus, DYNOforged, dynoPRISM, & more!

Why Choose Stunzeed for Paint Protection Film

Stunzeed Auto Stylez offers XPEL film and STEK PPF film packages that will give your vehicle a guaranteed showroom-ready finish or stand out from the crowd! Your search for the best paint protection film installers is over. We are proud to service St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, and surrounding areas. Importantly, we offer affordable packages for everyone, not just luxury vehicles!

Next, we share a unique passion for cars. Enjoy the peace of mind that we are treating your vehicle as if it were our own! Paying attention to the finest details, treating them with the utmost care, and using the best products in the industry. In addition to our experienced installers, our facility is climate controlled and under 24-hour surveillance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since every vehicle is different in size, level of complexity, and the amount of material needed to complete the job, our PPF packages vary in price. Feel free to contact us for an estimate on your vehicle!

The purpose of PPF is to protect your vehicle’s paint from rock chips, bug damage, and even damage caused by acidic bird droppings. Over time, the film takes the beating your paint is subject to and is designed to be a sacrificial layer that can be removed, revealing factory-finish paint underneath. This can save you thousands of dollars in repairs and also has the potential to add value to your vehicle when it’s time to sell. In conclusion, our opinion is there’s no better way to protect the factory finish and maintain a showroom-ready look.

Of course! Adding a Ceramic Coating on top of PPF makes the film super-hydrophobic which results in a self-cleaning effect. As a result, this saves you time when it comes to cleaning and washing, allowing you more time to enjoy your vehicle!

Most Paint Protection Film companies offer a 10-year warranty against cracking, yellowing, blistering, etc. Of course, PPF doesn’t stop the vehicle from getting any impacts, so it is possible the film becomes damaged and removal/replacement of the film happens sooner than 10 years, but that is case-by-case.

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